Up Coming Events


Halloween at the Hyatt Regency in Santa Clara

Halloween at the San Ramon Marriott



New Years Eve at the San Ramon Marriott

Please note, all three of these events sell out so get your tickets early.



Past Events

Rooms Of Hope Fundraiser

October 14, 2017

rooms of hope










Gatsby Party At MacNamara’s Steak House September 3, 2017

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New Years Eve At the San Ramon Marriott December 31, 2016

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Halloween Parties At The Hyatt In Santa Clara October 15, 2016 and The Marriott October 28, 2016

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July 4th Celebration On A Yacht

Berkeley Marina, 201 University Avenue, Berkeley, CA






new years eve

New Years Eve at the San Ramon Marriott put on by the Professional Guild.

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Christmas Party At MacNamara’s Steak House

MacNamara's Steakhouse

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Thursday Night On The Patio At Handles

Thursday Night On The Patio At Handles